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Basler ace2 GigE/5GigE Cameras

Basler ace2 GigE Cameras (Front)

Basler ace2 GigE Cameras	(Front) Basler ace2 GigE Cameras (Back)
  • SONY Pregius S Sensors Available with up to 24MP
  • Proven Compact Housing (29 x 29mm)
  • Powerful Computer Vision Feature Set with Optional Beyond Features
  • Basler ace GigE Cameras Also Available

Basler ace2 GigE/5GigE Cameras are available in two versions that provide optimized hardware design, proven compact and robust housing, and state of the art CMOS sensor technology with excellent image quality from Sony’s 2nd-Gen Pregius, 3rd-Gen STARVIS, or the latest 4th-Gen Pregius S sensors. These second-generation Ace cameras include all of the components of the first-generation Ace cameras along with integrated features such as a status LED, removable IR cut filter, and robust M8 connector. The Basler ace2 GigE/5GigE Camera Basic version offers excellent price to performance ratio with powerful Computer Vision feature set, while the Pro version unlocks unique advanced Beyond features such as Pixel Beyond and Compression Beyond for maximum performance to meet with demanding application requirements. These cameras include the industry proven Basler Pylon SDK Software and Driver and conform to GenICam (GigE Vision 2.0) standards, making them a fast and cost-effective solution to software integration. Basler ace2 Cameras are available in both GigE, 5GigE and USB3.0 interfaces and are ideal for a wide range of applications such as factory automation and industrial robotics.