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Advanced Illumination LED Line Lights

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  • Provides 0.25" Thick Line at 1" Distance
  • Fixed Intensity and Strobed Options
  • 50,000 Hour Product Lifetime

These high intensity Advanced Illumination LED Line Lights offer high output from a convenient, compact housing. Ideal for machine vision lighting applications requiring intense, structured illumination, these lights are well suited for use with line scan cameras or for large area inspection, web inspection, geometric measurement of long targets, direct position measurement, printed circuit board inspection, and tube or bottle inspection.

Note: Required 24V power supply #66-855Accessories for Advanced Illumination products are available and sold separately. 

The strobed models' flash duration is dependent on a trigger signal or potentiometer setting. The duration of the strobe can be adjusted from 30 - 300μs via a knob located in the back of the unit. Trigger input signal is CMOS/TTL compatible. The maximum trigger frequency is 30Hz.