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TECHSPEC® Germanium Meniscus Lenses Provide Superior Spherical Correction

Feature Durable Design for Demanding IR Applications

6/17/2014, Barrington, NJ USA   —

Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, introduces its new TECHSPEC® Germanium Meniscus Lenses. These lenses feature a durable design that is ideal for use in a wide variety of demanding infrared (IR) applications, including IR imaging or surveillance, remote sensing or IR spectroscopy.

Manufactured from rugged Germanium

TECHSPEC Germanium Meniscus Lenses are manufactured from Germanium, which is a rugged, durable material with a broad transmission range and a high index of refraction. Germanium has a transmission range of 2–16μm and is opaque in the visible part of the spectrum, making it ideal for IR laser applications. The material is even inert to air, water, alkalis and all acids, with the exception of nitric acid. With a density of 5.33 g/cm3 and a Knoop Hardness of 780, nearly twice that of Magnesium Fluoride, Germanium is an ideal material for making rugged, durable IR optics.

Wavelength range of 2-16μm

TECHSPEC Germanium Meniscus Lenses feature a wavelength range of 2-16μm. They offer outstanding spherical correction and smaller spot size than comparable lenses. TECHSPEC Germanium Meniscus Lenses are available uncoated or anti-reflection (AR) coated for increased performance in the designated coating wavelength range. Eighteen different RoHS-compliant lens varieties are offered in 25mm or 50mm diameters and focal lengths from 25mm to 100mm, either uncoated or coated for the 3-5μm or 8-12μm wavelength range. TECHSPEC Germanium Meniscus Lenses are in-stock and available for immediate delivery for fast turnaround and excellent value.

From singlet, doublet, or triplet lens designs to achromatic, aspheric, cylinder, ball, or fresnel, we have thousands of choices for the UV, visible, or IR spectrum.

With the increased popularity of infrared materials in the optics industry, stay up-to-date by learning how to choose the correct one.

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