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Edmund Optics Partners with Chromacity to Launch Simple, Compact Ultrafast Laser Systems

6/20/2023, Barrington, NJ USA   —

Edmund Optics®, a leading provider of optical components for ultrafast laser optics applications, has partnered with laser manufacturer Chromacity to release a new line of ultrafast laser systems. Chromacity’s ultrafast laser systems coupled with Edmund Optics’ ultrafast laser optics products provides easy access for customers looking for a one-stop shop to source all their ultrafast laser needs. This partnership introduces the Chromacity 1040 High Power, 1040nm, 4W Free Space Ultrafast Laser to Edmund Optics’ extensive catalog offerings. These lasers feature a stable, high power ultrafast beam in a compact and easy-to-setup system. They are ideal for a variety of applications including multi-photon mi¬croscopy, spectroscopy research, and a wide range of other imaging and life sciences applications.

Chromacity Ultrafast Lasers are currently available in 1040nm wavelength, with additional wavelengths soon to be added. They maintain a stable <150 femtosecond (fs) pulse with either a 2W or 4W output power and feature an air cooled, energy efficient design. Additionally, they feature a superior mode quality, M2 of <1.2. A compact fiber-based architecture is utilized to reduce the likelihood of misalignment and ensure ease of setup. Many imaging and life science applications benefit from these laser systems over a traditional Ti:Sapphire laser as the 1040nm Chromacity laser’s longer wavelengths allow for greater penetration depth of samples and detection of multiple fluorescent markers. For further assistance, a free video call with a certified Chromacity laser engineer is included with the purchase of any laser system.

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About Edmund Optics:

Edmund Optics® has been a leading, global provider of optical technology solutions that has served a variety of markets since 1942. The company services its customers through three distinct offerings: a marketplace that serves as a one-stop shop for the best brands and products in optics and photonics; custom and volume manufacturing of quality optical and imaging components and systems; and optical consulting, design, prototyping, and other engineering services as part of our manufacturing offerings. The company employs 1,250+ employees across 18 global locations and continues to expand. Customers can learn more, speak to an engineer, or purchase items through our website at