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Todd Sierer

Barrington, NJ USA

Edmund Optics finds itself in an amazing position. As the world’s largest inventory of optical components and a world-class optics manufacturer, EO is a phenomenal partner for a company at any stage in their production, from those in the design and prototype stage to those ready to begin manufacturing. It’s quite cliché in our industry to talk about from prototype to production, but Edmund Optics is so committed to supplying our customers with the products they need to change the world. And for us at EO, it is so exciting to work with our partners and help to enable their innovation and see just how optics power the future. Right Quotation Mark

I am sure that I am not the only engineer who will say that there is something so satisfying about finding a solution. There are so many different pathways to the solution when solving an engineering problem that it prompts a certain level of creativity. However, engineers aren’t given enough credit for being creative because our creativity isn’t always easy to recognize.

Even though I studied engineering, I always knew that I wanted to be involved in business. I loved technology, but was also interested in understanding why people are driven to innovate. This led me to join companies who wanted communicative engineers. It was great to be able to find the best way to illustrate the benefits of their innovations to the consumer.

When I joined Edmund Optics to create better communication between the company and today’s engineers, I was intrigued by their culture and the way it approached business. It was easy to see early on that the possibilities were endless. There is a cultural thought at EO that if you have an idea, no matter what your job title says, you should voice it. It was refreshing to see that enthusiasm and ingenuity were valued over titles and positions.

I have been given wonderful opportunities at EO, such as creating our social media presence, designing new approaches to product marketing, and building marketing strategies in Asia. In my new role I have been able to implement a more cohesive overall strategy for these two departments to better work together. It was important for these departments, as well as the company, to merge and learn to work in concert with each other.

As the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for the Americas, I am committed to making sure our customers have the best possible experience. It is very important to me that we are providing our customers with the resources they need – high quality products, cost-effective solutions, and a smooth ordering process. In this position, it has been fascinating to learn about all of the amazing applications that our customers are conceiving and how they are using optics to develop a better future.

Todd Sierer is the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for the Americas in Edmund Optics’ Headquarters located in Barrington, NJ, USA. He is responsible for making sure EO’s customers have the best possible experience, from technical support, to product availability, and the ordering process. He enjoys how Edmund Optics maintains the best aspects of a family run business where everyone is treated like family. He also held the positions of Director of Social Media and Development, Director of Product Marketing, and Director of Sales for the Americas at the EO Headquarters and Director of Asia Marketing at the EO Singapore office. He received his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania located in Philadelphia, PA, USA and a BS in Electrical Engineering from BYU located in Provo, UT, USA.

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