Nathan Carlie

Nathan Carlie is an R&D Manager in Edmund Optics' Barrington, New Jersey, USA office. He received his Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from Clemson University in 2010 and has spent the last seven years developing materials and technologies for high-power lasers and IR optics. Nathan holds six patents and has written over 40 papers and articles on the design and fabrication of optical materials and systems.



  • Ultra-broad bandwidth laser glasses for short-pulse and high peak power lasers
    • Patent issued: Nov 25, 2013
    • Patent number: US 9006120
    • Other inventors: Simi George, Sally Pucilowski, and Joseph Hayden
  • Broadening the rare earth ion emission bandwidth, increasing emission cross section, and/or shifting peak emission wavelength in Nd-doped aluminate or silicate glasses
    • Patent issued: Nov 28, 2012
    • Patent number: US 8951925
    • Other inventors: Simi George, Sally Pucilowski, and Joseph Hayden
  • Infrared transmission chalcogenide glasses
    • Patent filed: Jun 17, 2015
    • Patent number: US 62/180904
  • Optical fiber for the reduction of stimulated Brillouin scattering in high-power applications
    • Patent filed: Sep 18, 2014
    • Patent number: EU 201414542
    • Other inventors: Mark Davis, Eric Urruti, Simi George, and Joseph Hayden
  • Tuning rare-earth ion emission wavelength in phosphate based glasses using cerium oxide
    • Patent filed: Nov 28, 2013
    • Patent number: US 20140146839

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