Sales Engineer / 销售工程师

Shenzhen, China


Job Duties:

  1. 不断开拓市场
  2. 策划和执行策略来实现公司目标最大化
  3. 为开启跨区域业务计划提供支持及协助
  4. 实现销售计划及公司目标
  5. 实现公司总目标
  6. 积极传递勤奋主动,专业敬业之精神及公司价值观
  7. 领悟客户业务,识别客户公司内部领导者和决策者
  8. 能与客户谈判,并有效地达成交易
  9. 在与客户谈判过程中实现客户满意度最大化
  10. 与市场营销,工程和提案工作组共同制定适当的解决方案及招标方案,最大限度满足客户要求
  11. 在公司业务领区范围内维系和发展与客户长期的关系,时刻维持和加强公司在市场上的声誉
  12. 参加客户会议,跟现有客户及新客户交流,协商洽谈新贸易机会
  13. 能够完成由销售经理安排之其它任务
  1. Develop and grow new key accounts in Markets to achieve an aggressive sales budget for our catalog and custom optics business.
  2. Formulate and execute account penetration strategy and tactics to maximize company’s business objectives.
  3. Provide support to cross-regional business initiatives and projects.
  4. Meet sales targets and company's sales target in Beijing market.
  5. Completed the company’s sales target.
  6. Be a role model in displaying initiative, professionalism and company core values.
  7. Understand customer's businesses, and identify influencers and decision makers within a customer organization.
  8. To be able to negotiate with customers and effectively close business deals.
  9. To ensure excellent Customer Satisfaction levels with every Customer engagement.
  10. Work with the marketing, engineering, and proposal teams to develop appropriate solutions and tenders to best meet the customer’s requirements.
  11. Maintain and develop long term customer relationships within the assigned territory, acting at all times to maintain and enhance the company’s reputation in the marketplace.
  12. Arrange and attend customer meetings, make presentations to existing and new clients, negotiate and close business opportunities.
  13. Perform related duties as assigned by the sales manager.

Job Requirements:

  1. 2年以上相关工作经验
  2. 适应快节奏环境,能克服压力
  3. 有责任心、谨慎、主动、独立
  4. 外向、积极主动
  5. 能在团队中快速学习、工作能力强
  6. 极好的书面及口头沟通技巧
  7. 精通MS办公
  8. 必须要有光学工程/光电信息工程/测控技术与仪器/光学物理等专业教育背景
  1. Minimum 2 years of experience in managing sales team with proven record.
  2. Able to perform in a fast-paced environment and work under pressure.
  3. Responsible, meticulous, motivated, Customer-centric and independent.
  4. Dynamic & out-going.
  5. Able to learn fast and work well in a team.
  6. Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
  7. Must be proficient in MS Office to prepare sales presentation, quotation and proposal.
  8. Must have good educated background with Optics/Measurement and control technology & Instrument /Optical Physics major.

公司福利 (Welfare):

  1. 五天八小时工作制
    Working hours: 5 days a week per 8 hours a day
  2. 购买五险一金
    Legally social security
  3. 年终奖金及餐补
    Annual bonus & allowance
  4. 带薪年假




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