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Norland Optical Adhesives

Norland Products Inc. is a manufacturer of optical adhesives, electronic adhesives, and fiber optic equipment that was founded in 1960. Based in Cranbury, New Jersey, Norland Products Inc. produces a variety of UV curing optical adhesives that are used in industries that include aerospace, defense, and optical manufacturing where they are renowned for their fast cure time, excellent transmission, wide range of low and high refractive indices, and unique properties such as low outgassing or meeting MIL-A-3920. Edmund Optics® is proud to offer a large selection of Norland Optical Adhesives in preloaded dispensing barrel, applicator bottle, or bulk bottle sizes.

Why Buy Norland Optical Adhesives Products from Edmund Optics®?

 Edmund Optics has world-class 24-hour engineering support on these products via phone, chat, or email.
  Large global inventory of optical adhesives in bulk and small quantities readily available.
  Wide selection of complementary optical and optomechanical components as well as UV Curing equipment.

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