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Reflective Beam Shaping

Cailabs is a manufacturer of unique photonics products with nearly 20 patents used in products spanning the Aeronautics, Telecommunications, Earth-Space Laser Communications, Defense, and Laser Materials Processing Industries. Their innovative Canunda Reflective Axicons are available exclusively online from Edmund Optics®. These focusing mirrors create high-quality Bessel beams from both high-power and short ultrafast pulsed lasers, making them ideal for material processing and other high-power laser applications. The fully reflective design of these axicons eliminate chromatic dispersion, allowing them to be used with femtosecond ultrafast lasers.

Why Buy Cailabs Products from Edmund Optics®?

  Large global inventory of standard Cailabs Canunda Reflective Axicons available for same day shipping.
  Apex angle and coating can be customized for your specific application.
 Wide selection of complementary TECHSPEC® Laser Line Mirrors, Beam Expanders, Ultrafast Optics, and other Laser Optics available.
 Edmund Optics’ engineers, trained by Cailabs, are ready to help via phone, chat, or email.


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