Process Flow


From Quote to Product Delivery

For this process flow, we will follow the steps for sourcing a fully-custom laser beam expander designed for a customer’s application-specific needs.

Feasibility Stage

  Advanced Laser Applications Team determines application-specific requirements

  Initial design and trade-off review done to evaluate potential technical solutions

  Investigate if customizing off-the-shelf product is feasible to reduce lead times or whether a completely-custom design is required

  A quotation could be included at this stage

Design for Manufacturability

  A detailed optical and optomechanical design is created that builds off of the foundation created in the feasibility study

  A full tolerancing analysis determines yield expectations

  The design is optimized for manufacturability

  Designs are completed for all components, coatings, and metal housing needed


 All individual glass components are ground, polished, and coated

 Metal optomechanical housing is machined and the full beam expander is assembled

 Active alignment and other advanced assembly techniques employed when needed

 In-process metrology such as interferometry, spectrophotometry, and laser beam caustic measurements done to verify specifications


  The full assembly is tested to verify all specifications are met

  Application-specific test beds developed when necessary to simulate use conditions

  Testing available for transmitted wavefront error, beam profile, beam caustics, and energy on target at various laser wavelengths

  Environmental testing for shock and vibration, water exposure, and temperature swings also available


  Initial prototypes delivered, comprehensive first article inspection reports (FAIRs) for product qualification

 Highly-flexible volume order servicing including support for blanket orders with scheduled releases

 Competitive volume discounts

 Continued dedicated engineering support to ensure project success


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