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Laser-Safety Eyewear

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Glass Filters for IR Glass Filters for IR
  • More Visible Light Transmission Compared to Standard Polycarbonate
  • Anti-Fog, Free Air Flow
  • Ideal for YAG, Alexandrite, Ti:Sapphire, and Ruby Lasers
Narrow-Spectrum Laser-Gard® Safety Eyewear Narrow-Spectrum Laser-Gard® Safety Eyewear
  • Blocks Narrow Bands Around Laser Lines
  • Attenuation Density Provided
  • Beam is Not Visible
Laser-Line™ Safety Eyewear Series Laser-Line™ Safety Eyewear Series
  • Ideal for 5mW Max. Output Power
  • Designed for Multiple Laser Types
  • Allows Viewing Beam
  • Do Not Use In Place of Full Protective Filters