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Fluorescent Illuminators

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Wavelength (nm)
Type of Illumination
    Fluorescent High Frequency Linear Light Accessories Fluorescent High Frequency Linear Light Accessories
    • Limited Quantity Replacement Bulb
    • 14" Length
    • 365nm Peak Wavelength
    Fluorescent Ultra High Frequency Ring Lights Fluorescent Ultra High Frequency Ring Lights
    • Longer Working Distances Than Fiber Optic Ring Light Guides
    • Available to Fit a Large Range of Lens Diameters - 0.5" to 2.64"
    • 360º Uniform Shadow Free Illumination

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    Fluorescent Illuminators are used to provide illumination to a wide range of applications, including machine vision or factory automation. Fluorescent Illuminators are specialized illumination devices that use fluorescent bulbs to produce bright, even lighting that is ideal for use on rough or specular surfaces. Fluorescent Illuminators come in several varieties including ring lights, backlights, or line lights. Fluorescent Illuminators do not require external power supplies making them especially versatile, mobile illuminators ideal for a larger range of applications.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Fluorescent Illuminators suited to many industrial or illumination needs. Fluorescent Illuminators provide effective, easy-to-use implementation for a large number of environments or for integration into an illumination system. Fluorescent Illuminators are ideal, low cost illumination options that can be used or adapted to many different environments. A wide selection of mounting accessories or colored bulbs is also available to offer additional compatibility for various applications including area matching, edge detection, or assembly.

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