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    Diameter (mm)
    Dimensions (mm)
    Glass/Filter Number
    Cut-On Wavelength (nm)
    Cut-Off Wavelength (nm)
    Optical Density OD
    Center Wavelength CWL (nm)

    Color and Absorptive Filters

    Color and Absorptive Filters are available in longpass, bandpass, and neutral density options. Color and Absorptive Filters are ideal for use as environmental displays or for other machine vision or industrial applications. These filters utilize the material’s inherent absorption or transmission properties, rather than interference effects from thin film coatings. By controlling the thickness of the material, precise filtering across large bandwidths can be achieved. Edmund Optics’ Color and Absorptive Filters are available in glass, plastic, or film substrates. Glass filters offer high durability, while plastic or film filters are cost-sensitive alternatives.

    Colored Glass Bandpass Filters
    • UV, VIS, IR Ranges
    • Circular and Square Sizes Available

    Longpass Glass Color Filters
    • UV, VIS and IR Pass Ranges
    • VIS Can Be Used for Color Bandpass

    Schott KG Heat Absorbing Glass
    • Absorbs IR
    • Also Useful as a Shortpass Filter

    Absorptive Neutral Density (ND) Filters
    • Attenuates Visible Light Via Absorption, Rather than Reflection
    • Multiple Filters Can be Stacked for Increased Blocking
    • Optical Densities from 0.1 to 4.0 are Available

    Additive and Subtractive Dichroic Color Filters
    • High Saturation Dichroic Type
    • Matrix of Sizes and Sets
    • Precision Glass Substrate
    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

    45° Reflective Dichroic Color Filters
    • Reflects Stated Color While Transmitting Remaining Visible Spectrum
    • Ideal for Color Separation Applications
    • Precision BK7 Substrates

    Lumilass Fluorescent Glass Filters
    • Wide Range of UV Excitation
    • High Sensitivity and Durability
    • Minimum Sensitivity of ~1 μW/cm2 for All Emissions

    Ultra-Thin Longpass Filters
    • Ultra-Thin, Flexible Substrate
    • Sharp Cut-On Wavelength Designs
    • Extruded Thin Film, Insensitive to Scratches

    Ultra-Thin Shortpass Filters
    • Flexible Design to Conform to Curved Surfaces
    • Scratch Insensitive, Ultra-thin Polymer Construction
    • >80% Average Transmission

    Ultra-Thin Notch Filters
    • Approximately 250µm Thickness
    • Flexible Structure and Scratch Resistant
    • Extruded Thin Film with Sharp Spectral Profiles

    Optical Cast Plastic Color Filters
    • Resistant to All Types of Chemicals and Solvents (Acetone, Acids, Alkali and Alcohols)
    • Excellent Thermal Resistance
    • Easily Drilled with High Speed Carbide Bits for Mounting

    Optical Cast Infrared (IR) Longpass Filters
    • Lightweight Plastic
    • Excellent Thermal and Chemical Resistance

    Kodak Wratten Filters
    • 75 x 75 x 0.1mm Dimensions
    • Visible and Infrared (IR) Filters Offered
    • IR Filters Have No Transmittance from 400 - 700nm

    Kodak Wratten 2 Neutral Density Filters
    • Available in Large Sizes
    • Easily Cut for Custom Sizing
    • Kodak Filter No. 96

    Laminated Neutral Density (ND) Filter Film
    • High Rigidity and Durability
    • Anti-Reflection (AR) Coated to Reduce Glare
    • Easy to Handle and Mount
    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

    C-Mounted Filters
    • Hot or Cold Mirror and Color Dichroic Options Available
    • 4 Standard Female C-Mount Threaded Holes

    Filter Booklets
    • Book of Over 200 Colored Filters
    • Improved Heat and Color Absorption
    • Two Sizes Available
    • Ideal for Prototyping Needs

    Mounted Color Filters
    • Improve Contrast
    • Isolate Spectral Regions/Colors
    • Precision Colored Glass


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