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General Purpose Integrating Spheres

General Purpose Integrating Spheres
  • Provides Correct Geometry for Measuring Light Sources
  • 3 Ports Plus Accessories are Included for Easy Integration

Integrating spheres are ideal tools for measuring optical radiation. Designed to spatially integrate radiant flux, these integrating spheres can be coupled with a sensor to create a radiometer, photometer, or spectroradiometer. Such a setup would permit the measurement of total geometric flux emanating from a light source or the flux density of an illuminated area. The spheres also provide an ideal method to measure output of high power lasers and laser diodes. Our spheres can also be setup to measure reflectance and transmittance of materials.

Our General Purpose Spheres are available with inner diameters of 2", 4", or 6". Each features three ports oriented along three orthogonal axes: two ports along the equator of the sphere at 0° and 90°, plus a port located at the north pole of the sphere. A baffle between the 0° and 90° ports prevents direct exchange of radiation between them. Each sphere includes two SMA adapters and port plugs of varying sizes. The 4" and 6" spheres also feature port and port frame reducers for the introduction of a variety of detectors and monitoring devices. Each sphere has a 1/4-20 mount in the spun aluminum housing.

Note: Our Compact Spectroradiometers are not calibrated for use with these spheres. Custom calibration and integration would be required.

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General Purpose Integrating Sphere System (2" Sphere)
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General Purpose Integrating Sphere System (4" Sphere)
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General Purpose Integrating Sphere System (6" Sphere)
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