Borescopes or Fiberscopes are used to provide imaging capabilities to objects beyond the reach of ordinary imaging systems or within extremely small environments for a number of imaging or life science applications. Borescopes are long, rigid imaging devices that feature long relay arrays for providing imaging capability without close proximity requirements. Borescopes are inserted into small or otherwise inaccessible areas to view an object. Borescopes are often used in industrial settings to view object within large machines or industrial arrays.

Edmund Optics offers multiple Borescopes or Fiberscopes suited for many demanding imaging needs. Fiberscopes are flexible versions of borescopes that are ideal for use in environments containing curves, corners, or other deviations. Fiberscopes utilize optical fiber to maintain image quality. Illuminated fiberscopes add additional imaging capability, allowing the fiberscope to be used in low-light environments. A selection of C-Mount Video Couplers is also available to provide video imaging capabilities to both borescopes as well as fiberscopes.