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Testing and Targets

Testing products and Targets are used to test or calibrate optical or imaging components, or to measure spectral lines. Testing products and Targets are designed for a variety of test or measurement needs. Targets are used to detect optical aberrations in an optical or imaging system. Grayscale or color targets are ideal for calibrating cameras or for testing color balance. Spectrometers are used to produce and measure spectral lines. Spectrometers are used in a variety of applications, such as Raman spectroscopy or chemical analysis.

Edmund Optics is the world’s largest supplier of off-the-shelf optical components, including a wide selection of Testing products and Targets. Testing products and Targets are ideal for maintaining the performance of optical or imaging systems. Edmund Optics offers a variety of Testing products and Targets, including spectrometers, photometers, calibration targets, or resolution targets. Targets offered include 1951 USAF or DOF 5-15, in addition to a variety of telecentricity or calibration targets.