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01/2014 -
"MICROSCOPY: Off-the-shelf components enable a new generation of confocal microscopy" by Matthew S. Muller and Stephan Briggs - Laser Focus World
01/2014 -
"Selecting Industrial Laser Optics" by Ra'ef Mikhail - Industrial Photonics
01/2014 -
"Trends in Optics" by Marie Freebody - Photonics Spectra
01/2014 -
"When to Consider Inline Illumination" by Nicholas James - Quality
11/2013 -
"Improving laser optics coating" by Iain MacMillan and Matthias Knobl - Photonik
10/2013 -
"Optical Filters Improve Precision, Accuracy for Neuroscience" by Stephan Briggs - BioPhotonics
05/2013 -
"Imaging Lens" by Nicholas James - Vision and Sensors
05/2013 -
"Vision Helps Reshape Microscopy, Biomedical Imaging Convergence" by Winn Hardin - Machine Vision Online
01/2013 -
"Simplify laser system design with dichroic filters and mirrors" by Gregory Fales - Laser Focus World
01/2013 -
"Novel ophthalmic imaging with adaptive optics, confocal imaging, and OCT" by Stephan Briggs - BioOptics World
01/2013 -
"Use Wavelength to Your Advantage in High-Resolution Imaging" by Gregory Hollows - Vision Systems Design
11/2012 -
"Prototyping illumination systems with stock optical components" by Edwin Diaz and Matthias Knobl - Photonik
10/2012 -
"Working with Lenses Beyond the Visible" by Lucas Willis - Vision Systems Design
07/2012 -
"Q&A: Selecting Lenses for Machine Vision Systems an interview with Nicholas James " by Vision and Sensors - Vision and Sensors
06/2012 -
"Innovate Responsibly to Weather Tough Economic Times" by Todd Sierer - Photonics Spectra
05/2012 -
"Testing the Limits: LDT considerations when selecting laser optics" by Ra'ef Mikhail - Optik + Photonik
05/2012 -
"Advanced Optics Deliver Drugs with IR Light" by Stephan Briggs - BioPhotonics
04/2012 -
"MARKET INSIGHTS: Engineering and finance can partner to drive product development" by Jason Mulliner - Laser Focus World
02/2012 -
"Life Through a Lens" by Greg Blackman - Electro Optics
01/2012 -
"INFRARED IMAGING: Vineyard Monitoring System Combines Global Positioning and NIR Imaging" - Vision Systems Design

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Optics Application Examples – Read our most popular Optics app note. Learn about detector systems, selecting the right lens, and building a projection system.

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