Modular Mounting Components are used to mount a variety of optical components into an optical system. Modular Mounting Components are optomechanical components designed to secure or position optical components in a variety of applications. Modular Mounting Components use a selection of mounting types including C-Mount, S-Mount, or T-Mount to easily integrate with other components or into existing systems. Modular Mounting Components include components such as optical mounts, extension tubes, thread adapters, or iris diaphragms.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Modular Mounting Components suited for many mounting needs. Modular Mounting Components offer simple, easy-to-use mounting for many optical components, making them extremely versatile choices for most optical system configurations. Edmund Optics’ Modular Mounting Components are compatible with a variety of optical components including optical lenses, laser diodes, photodiodes, polarizers, or optical fiber. A wide selection of components kits as well as adapter accessories for optical system assembly is also available.

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