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Glan-Taylor Polarizers

Glan-Taylor Polarizers
  • High Damage Threshold
  • Uncoated or Broadband Anti-Reflection Coating Options
  • Output Window for Ordinary Ray
  • Glan-Laser Polarizers Also Available

Glan-Taylor Polarizers offer a high extinction ratio with the added feature that both the extraordinary rays and ordinary rays are accessible. The extraordinary rays are transmitted through both prisms while the ordinary rays are reflected off the hypotenuse and transmitted out the escape window (typical exit angle is 23° for a normal incidence beam), allowing the component to be used as a polarizing beamsplitter.

Note: Damage threshold limits are nominal and may vary due to material properties of the naturally occuring calcite crystal. No warranty is implied.

Each Glan-Taylor Polarizer is comprised of two mounted air-spaced calcite prisms which are available uncoated or with an anti-reflection (AR) coating and mounted in a protective black anodized aluminum housing. Field of View (FOV) specifications (noted @ 632.8nm) are limited by several parameters. FOV1 is 1.2°, limited by the critical angle of the prism hypotenuse; FOV2 is 6.4°, limited by the critical angle of the input window.

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