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Polarizers are used in imaging applications to reduce glare or hot spots, enhance contrast, or to perform stress evaluations. Polarizers can also be used to measure changes in magnetic fields, temperature, molecular structures, chemical interactions, or acoustic vibrations. As light passes through a Polarizer, the light’s polarization state, or the oscillation of the X and Y components of its electric field, is changed. Polarized light can have linear, circular, or elliptical polarization.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of dichroic, crystalline, or wire grid polarizers. Dichroic Polarizers are used to transmit a specific polarization state while blocking all others. Crystalline Polarizers are ideal for laser applications due to their mix of high extinction ratios with high damage thresholds. Wire Grid Polarizers, which are ideal for broadband applications, utilize an array of microscopic wires to selectively transmit P-Polarized light while reflecting S-Polarized light. S-Polarized light is perpendicular to the plane of incidence, while P-Polarized light is parallel.

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