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Broadband Ti:Sapphire Laser Mirrors

Broadband Ti:Sapphire Laser Mirrors
  • >99% Reflectivity from 700 - 1100nm
  • Damage Threshold 0.3kW/cm2 CW
  • Designed for Ti:Sapphire Lasers

TECHSPEC® Broadband Ti:Sapphire Laser Mirrors are designed to offer high reflection of Ti:Sapphire laser wavelengths. Designed for a 0° or 45° angle of incidence, these mirrors are ideal for beam-steering and folding applications. These mirrors also offer a moderate damage threshold and greater than 99% reflectance from 700 - 1100nm.

Our line of TECHSPEC® laser mirrors are specially designed for even the most demanding laser applications. Combining laser-quality substrates of up to 10-5 surface quality, with a dense reflective coating, and a damage threshold specific to the laser type and wavelength, these mirrors are ideal for a wide range of applications requiring precision reflectivity and incredible durability. All TECHSPEC® laser mirrors are designed to minimize scatter loss and to be easily mounted into any optical system.

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