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λ/20 Precision Optical Flat Mirrors

λ/20 Precision Optical Flat Mirrors
  • Fused Silica and ZERODUR® Substrates
  • λ/20 Surface Flatness
  • Variety of Coating Options Offered
  • λ/10 Surface Flatness Options Also Offered

TECHSPEC® λ/20 Precision Optical Flat Mirrors are an excellent choice for interferometry, imaging systems, laser applications, optical path folding, and autocollimation. All mirrors are available coated or uncoated, and the second surface is pitch polished to window quality.

These optical flat mirrors are offered with two substrate options: ZERODUR® and fused silica. ZERODUR® is a yellow tinted glass ceramic developed by Schott®. ZERODUR® features an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion of ±0.10 x 10-6/°C. In applications where temperature fluctuation is a concern, ZERODUR® offers a thermal stability that is unmatched. Fused silica is optically clear and features excellent resistance to abrasion and high durability, with a low coefficient of thermal expansion of ±0.55 x 10-6/°C. For harsh environments, or in applications where wear and tear is a factor, fused silica is an ideal choice.

Uncoated TECHSPEC® λ/20 Precision Optical Flats are available for testing and measurement applications.

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