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Optotune Manually Focus-Tunable Lenses

Optotune Manually Focus-Tunable Lenses

Rotating the outer ring of the Optotune Manually Focus-Tunable Lenses manipulates their focal length and changes the shape from convex to concave. With a focal tuning range of -80mm to infinity to +80 mm, these lenses are ideal for education and research applications in addition to lighting systems where the option to adjust the focal length allows for expanded focal control of the light source. High refractive or low dispersion materials are offered. The cover glasses are available with VIS or NIR coating.

These tunable lenses can replace the functionality of a complete lens kit in laboratory settings, offering the on-demand adaptability needed to avoid the complex mechanical manipulation associated with a multi-lens system. Ideal for researchers and OEMs alike, Focus-Tunable Lenses offer continuous focusability over a specific focal range, allowing the user to custom-tune the lenses for optimum performance. Available in a variety of coating options, the focal adaptability of the Optotune Manually Focus-Tunable and Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses make them ideal for a range of applications where versatility is preferred.

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