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TECHSPEC® Laser Focusing Singlets

Laser Focusing Singlets
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These single element (Best Form Shape) singlets are designed to yield a minimum spot size using 632.8nm light. They will also work well for most visible diodes up to 670nm (focusing only). The coating (1/4 wave MgF2) is optimized for 632.8nm to provide maximum transmission. Dopt was designed to accommodate 99% of the 1/e2 beam profile of the most commonly available HeNe lasers. Each element is pitch polished to minimize scratch/dig defects and to provide low surface scattering. All dimensions are in mm.

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5mm Dia x 8.5mm EFL Laser Focusing Singlet, MgF2 Coating (Clearance)
In Stock and Ready to Ship.
5mm Dia x 9mm EFL Laser Focusing Singlet (Clearance)
In Stock and Ready to Ship.

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