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Optics Discovery Kit

Optics Discovery Kit
  • Prepared By Optical Society of America

The Education Council of the Optical Society of America prepared this discovery kit to introduce students to modern Optical Science and Engineering. Working with member industrial firms, the OSA selected high quality optical components and prepared detailed instructions. Kit includes: 3 lenses, 1 fresnel lens, 1 mirror, 1 hologram, 1 optical illusion slide, 1 diffraction grating, 1 meter of optical fiber, 2 polarizers, 4 color filters and instructions for 11 detailed experiments. For ages 10+.

OSA offers teacher membership opportunities. Please contact:
Optical Society of America
2010 Massachusetts Ave.
N.W., Washington, DC 20036

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Optics Discovery Kit
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Optics Discovery Kit, Set of 16
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