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Blue Laser Collimating Aspheric Lenses

Blue Laser Collimating Aspheric Lenses
  • Designs Optimized for 405nm and 488nm Laser Diodes
  • Ideal for Biomedical Instrumentation and Data Storage Applications
  • Diffraction Limited Molded Aspheric Lens Designs

Our Blue Laser Collimating Aspheric Lenses are designed to simplify the design and implementation of laser systems for biomedical instrumentation including flow and imaging cytometers, fluorescence detection, and high volume data storage systems. These aspheric lenses are designed and manufactured to meet stringent optical standards for the aforementioned high performance applications. Each aspheric lens is delivered with a high performance anti-reflection coating to provide optimum transmission in the 350 – 500nm wavelength range.

The L-LaL12 and D-LaK6 glass materials of these Blue Laser Collimating Aspheric Lenses have been selected for their outstanding UV and blue transmission properties. The glasses are fully RoHS compliant, in accordance with European restrictions on hazardous substances.

Aspheric lenses feature one surface whose radius changes with distance from the optical axis. This unique feature allows aspheric lenses to eliminate spherical aberration and greatly reduce other aberrations when compared to a simple spherical lens, delivering improved optical performance. These molded glass aspheric lenses are designed for the specific beam divergences, peak wavelength, and window materials of common commercial blue laser diodes, enabling blue laser applications to achieve excellent beam quality and performance.

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