Faraday Isolators

Faraday Isolators
  • Greater than 30dB Optical Isolation
  • Compact Size
  • Prevents Optical Feedback, Eliminating Frequency Instability
  • Faraday Version is Tunable

Our isolators provide greater than 30 dB of isolation within an optical system. They prevent the beam from reflecting back through the system, eliminating frequency instability and protecting the laser cavity in situations when optical feedback could damage the laser.

Tunable Faraday Isolators

The Faraday isolators work by passing a laser beam through a horizontal polarizer, a Faraday Rotator, and a 45° output polarizer, which prevents the beam from returning through the isolator. They are polarization tunable across a broad wavelength range, adding more versatility and making them useful for a variety of laser sources.

The Faraday rotator at the core has a high verdet constant, a low absorption coefficient, high damage threshold and a low non-linear refractive index.

Free Space Isolators

The free space isolator provides excellent isolation for a 1064nm laser in a compact unit (approximately 7mm diameter x 7mm length), making it useful even in places where space is a concern.

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