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Inverted Microscopes

Inverted Microscopes
  • Brightfield, Phase Contrast, and Fluorescence Observation Methods
  • Ideal for Biological and Biomedical Applications
  • 4X – 40X Objectives Provide Large Magnification Range

Inverted Microscopes provide an ideal method of observing living cells and organisms. When placed in an agar plate or Petri dish, heavier, denser cellular material sinks to the bottom of its solution. Unlike standard microscopes which image from above the sample, Inverted Microscopes image from below. Placing the objectives below the stage so that they image through the bottom of the sample container and towards the light source and condenser forms a more efficient image, avoiding the distortion caused by layers of solution.


  • Optical System – Infinity optical system, f = 180mm.
  • Observation Method - Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Fluorescence.
  • Eyepiece - Extra wide field focusable 10X eyepieces with 22mm field of view and rubber eyeguards. Accept 26mm reticles.
  • Nosepiece - Quintuple side facing with positive click stops.
  • LWD Plan 4X and LWD Plan Phase 10X & 20X included.
  • Additional AIS Infinity Objectives available upon request - LWD Plan or Plan Fluor 10X, 20X & 40X. LWD Plan Phase 40X.
  • Stage - Fixed plain stage 160 x 250mm. Auxiliary stages and optional attachable mechanical stages.
  • Stage Plates - Glass and metal stage plate inserts.
  • Focusing Mechanism - Vertical revolving nosepiece. Coaxial coarse and fine focus mechanism with markings on fine focus knobs. Coarse – 37.7mm per rotation. Fine – 0.2mm per rotation.
  • Illumination - 6V 30W halogen; variable intensity. External lamp house for Koehler Illumination.
  • Filters - 45mm diameter. Clear, blue, green, and ground glass.
  • Stand - Cast alloy aluminum – 19 lbs – 515 x 248 x 473mm (L x W x H).
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