Surface Cleaning Brushes and Air Blowers

Surface Cleaning Brushes and Air Blowers
  • Perfect for Cleaning Optics Safely

Retractable Soft Lens Brush

Preserves fragile lenses from dust. This gentle brush quickly removes dust and lint from lenses. Lipstick style. Included plastic case is 0.7" diameter by 3.1" length. Twist to retract bristles.

Anti-Static Dusting Brushes

Removes dust and neutralizes static. Conductive fiber blend brush is ideal for sensitive materials like lenses, film, computer screens, and electronic equipment.

Hi-Tech German Lens Blower Brushes

Unique-de sign bulb fits the hand com fort ably and provides air bursts. Extra-soft bristles for delicate surfaces. Perfect for use on finished optics prior to the application of any coating. Safe for use on 60-40 surface quality lenses.

Air-blower with Compressor

This blower provides 30kPa maximum of compressed air pressure, which is 2-3 times more than typical blowers. The main nozzle twists and locks in place to provide short compressed bursts of air, or twists and extends out to provide smooth air bursts (non-compressed). Extension nozzle (4.5mm min diameter) is included to give an extra 4” of reach.

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