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Miniature Ultraviolet Quartz Pencil Lamps

Miniature Ultraviolet Quartz Pencil Lamps

These quartz pencil lamps are small, low-pressure, mercury-vapor discharge lamps made of double-bore material with both electrodes at one end. They are very stable lamps and maintain a high output of ultraviolet radiation. They have a spectral emission consisting of many well-separated lines in the ultraviolet and visible portions of the spectrum. They are widely used as spectral calibration sources in spectroscopy, chromatography, and photometry.

The long wave UV (black light) pencil lamp is coated with phosphors which absorb the 254nm line and convert this energy into a band peaking at 365nm. The lamp is encased in a tubular glass filter which absorbs visible light while transmitting maximum ultraviolet intensity. This is ideal for fluorescent penetrant analysis and boroscopic inspection.

The quartz tube housing is bonded inside a phenolic handle. A 24" cord set with plug is provided for attachment to the Power Supply, not included (see below).

Power Supply

Separately-housed power supply for efficient operation of the UV pencil lamps above. Dimensions are 4.5" L x 4" W x 3.13" H. The net weight is 5 lbs. The metal housing is provided with an on/off switch, rubber feet, a 7.5 ft power cord, and a 3 ft secondary lamp cord.

UV Light Shields for Short Wave Lamp (#40-759) only

Shield A has a 1mm inner diameter drilled hole. Shield B has a 7.9mm x 15.9mm aperture, and Shield C has a 4.8mm x 38.2mm aperture.

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