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Silver Series Telecentric Measuring Lenses

Silver Series Telecentric Measuring Lenses
  • Designed for Metrology and Gauging Applications
  • Ideal for Factory Automation
  • Double Telecentric Design
  • High Light Throughput (f/6)
  • Magnifications from 0.16X to 4.0X

Our TECHSPEC® Silver Series Telecentric Measuring Lenses offer a compact, cost-effective solution for replacing standard fixed focal length lenses. Telecentric lenses are ideal for both on-line and off-line machine vision production environments that require accurate measurements. Edmund Optics has designed this series of machine vision lenses to specifically replace lenses that give inaccurate or inconsistent readings. Telecentric lenses correct perspective errors that yield variations in magnification through the depth of field.

Our TECHSPEC® Silver Series Telecentric Measuring Lenses offer superior image quality and less distortion than conventional fixed focal length lenses. This design yields more symmetrical images that are superior for software-integrated measurements. In combination with the high quality optics is a simplified non-focusing mechanical design with adjustable iris control. In addition, the double-telecentric design gives the sharpest image with the lowest amount of errors for the most accurate measurments.

Telecentric designs require larger objective lenses in order to maximize the size of the object viewed for each magnification, thus the mechanical housing has been streamlined to accommodate the larger optics and to provide a reasonable amount of mounting surface (see dimension D). Each lens also has a standard front filter thread for use with Edmund color filters, polarizers, protective windows, and illumination adapters for LED or fiber-optic ring guides. Unique twin-ring mounting clamps are available separately.

Mounting clamps have the same twin-ring clamp design that fits on the 30mm diameter mounting surface. One offers a 1.75" stand-off distance (dimension A in diagram below, center of lens to bottom of mounting clamp base) that is ideal for 0.60X through 0.25X TML™s. The 2.25" stand-off version is ideal for the larger 0.20X and 0.16X lenses. Bases have a variety of ¼-20 tapped and clearance holes.

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