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Hemilite™ Spherical Fluorescent Vision Illuminator

Hemilite™ Spherical Fluorescent Vision Illuminator
  • Diffuse Fluorescent Lighting for Demanding Applications
  • Versatile Mounting Options
  • 10 to 100% Variable Intensity Control

The Hemilite™ Spherical Fluorescent Vision Illuminator is designed for use in machine vision applications where highly diffuse, uniform illumination is required. It can be used in the most demanding applications such as detecting surface defects on rough and/or specular surfaces. Ideal for inspecting pharmaceutical products, foils, and PCB components, including Ball Grid Arrays (BGA’s).

Available in either 4" or 6" diameter diffusing spheres that incorporate an innovative lamp design to provide full hemispherical illumination. Comes standard with a 3-screw lens adapter to allow direct attachment to a video lens. If no lens is being used, the adapter can be easily removed and the mounting taps in the rugged, aluminum base utilized to secure the lamp into position.

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