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Liquid Light Guides

Liquid Light Guides
  • NA = 0.55
  • No Packing Fraction Loss
  • Excellent UV Transmission Properties
  • Higher Overall Transmission than Glass Bundles

Our line of economically priced liquid light guides are ideal for visible and ultraviolet illumination requirements. Unlike glass light guides, liquid guides do not suffer from packing fraction losses—spaces between fibers that cause reduced coupling efficiency (see diagram). These liquid guides cut off the near infrared spectrum, yielding both optimum transmission for visible applications and smaller bandpass for higher contrast color images. Reduced long-wavelength transmission results in slightly bluer, higher color temperature output. Repeated handling of liquid light guides does not result in the breakage typical of glass bundles, which reduces efficiency over time. Liquid light guides use quartz windows to seal in non-toxic transmissive medium. Our liquid light guides connect to illuminators and filter mounts via the Fiber Optic Adapter #38-944.

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