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Design Support

Custom Design Services

Aspheric Manufacturing

Many times, our customers have needs so specialized that they require design assistance. To meet these needs, Edmund Optics offers a variety of design services such as optical system design (imaging and non-imaging), opto-mechanical system design, and optical assembly. In many cases, our dedicated design engineers can create ideal solutions for your optical challenges by integrating products from our broad off-the-shelf inventory. This yields the fastest, most affordable and most effective way to work.

When use of stock components is not possible, Edmund Optics’ engineers can often modify existing products or generate custom designs, using EO’s extensive manufacturing resources to create products that meet unique customer needs. EO engineers are prepared to take your project from design to prototype to volume production.

EO has design engineers located at all our manufacturing facilities and two dedicated design service locations in Tucson, Arizona and Shenzhen, China.

Tucson Design Center


Established in 1998 to meet the needs of our customers, the Tucson Design Center is located in the heart of Arizona’s optics valley. The group serves as a technical resource primarily applied to custom optical and opto-mechanical design, engineering services, and product development.

Design Philosophy

Being a manufacturing company, Design For Manufacturing (DFM) is an important aspect of our job. The true philosophy of our design center is to design for cost-effective manufacturing while maintaining customer requirements through production. We ensure this through intense up-front sequential and non-sequential analysis using tools such as CodeV® and FRED™.


  • Imaging, projection, and visual systems
  • Design experience from the deep UV through the visible, into the far IR (long wave) spectral regions
  • Complex optical analysis (including tolerancing, sensitivity, ghost, thermal, and custom macro development)
  • Stray light analysis
  • Illumination and coupling efficiency modeling
  • Non-imaging optics
  • Complex system engineering
  • Optical testing-process/fixture development
  • Challenging envelope requirements
  • Integration of systems into existing products
  • Test fixture development and design
Photon Engineering FRED - CodeV - SolidWorks - Zemax,

Examples of Our Design Expertise

Telecentric Imaging Lens

  • 140mm FOV
  • 2/3" Sensor
  • Focusing
  • Iris (F6-close)
  • Stray Light Analysis For Maximum Contrast
Telecentric Imaging Lens

Focusing Imaging Lenses

  • Various Focus Movements
    (including Helical, Acme, and Differential Thread)
  • Various Iris Mechanisms
    (including Click Stop and Continuous)
  • Various Mounting Options
    (including C-Mount, F-Mount,and T-Mount)
Focusing Imaging Lenses

Night Vision Objective

  • 40 Degree FOV
  • Wide Waveband
  • Ruggedized
  • Watertight
  • Lightweight

Electro-Optical Imaging System

  • Multiple Illumination Schemes
  • Integrated Telecentric Design
  • Stray Light Model / Optimization
  • Integrated Focusing Mechanism
  • Integrated FireWire Control / Sensor
Electro-Optical Imaging System

Linescan Lens

  • 86mm 12k Linescan
  • 0.8–1.4X Design
  • F/4
  • >70 lp/mm Performance
  • Shock / Vibration Resistant Design
  • Focusing / Iris Control
Electro-Optical Imaging System

Integrated Projection System

  • 182 Degree FOV
  • F/3
  • Diffractive Element
  • Integrated Interface
  • Focusing Mechanism
  • Stray Light Optimized
Integrated Projection System

UV Scanning System

  • F-Theta Telecentric Lens
  • 0.03 Wave RMS Wavefront
  • Field Format 20x20mm
  • Lithographic Crystalline Material
UV Scanning System

Custom Test Bench Designs

  • Metrology and Assembly
  • Pass/Fail or Parametric Value Output
  • Semi-Automated and Computer Controlled
  • Lot Serialization
  • Optical Testing of Various Parameters
    (including MTF, Telecentricity, and Best Focus)
Custom Test Bench Designs

Contact Us

Optical Design and Consulting Center
6464 East Grant Road
Suite 100
Tucson, AZ 85715 USA
Toll-Free: 1-800-363-1992

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