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Fixed Focal Length

Fixed Focal Length

Feature a single angular field of view or focal length.



Offer superior image accuracy in a range of magnifications.

Zoom and Variable

Zoom and Variable

Provide the flexibility of changing the focal length or angular view of view of the lens.

Fixed and Magnification

Fixed Magnification

Offer a single magnification to a wide range of applications.

Micro Video


Compact imaging lenses designed to be used with many smaller format industrial cameras.

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Application Notes Application Notes
Read Section 2.1: Resolution
Read Section 2.3: Contrast
Read Section 3.2: Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) and MTF curves
Read Section 6.2: How Aberrations Affect Machine Vision Lenses
Video Videos
View Module 1: Imaging Overview
View Module 1.1: Field of View
View Module 1.3: Resolution
View Module 2: Gauging and Measurement Accuracy Overview
Interactive Interactive Content
Read Lens Selection Tool
Read Better Optics = Better System Performance

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