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Defense Optics

Edmund Optics is one of the leading providers of custom defense optics and optical assemblies to defense contractors in the world. EO has created a "World Class" compliance program that establishes and defines policies, responsibilities and procedures for all Edmund Optics' employees. The complexity of doing large volume precision optical components and systems requires the best and brightest of all disciplines.

EO's Defense Optics Business Development Group

EO's Business Development Group is a vertically integrated team that completely services all custom and defense business for precision optical components. The Business Development Group is comprised of:

  • Account Management
  • Project Management
  • ITAR Compliance Coordination
  • Application and Design Engineering
  • Costing
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • US State Department Licensing

EO In-house Custom Defense Optics Manufacturing

defense soldier

EO has both US and off-shore manufacturing facilities for custom defense optics. These EO locations have been audited by an independent organization for compliance to US State Department guidelines for:

  • Document Control
  • Process Control
  • Adherence to ITAR Requirements
  • Receiving and Processing Manufacturing and/or Application Information for a Defense Related Project

Photo courtesy of Lance Cpl. R. Drew Hendricks

EO Military Programs

  • Mounted Prisms, Mirrors, and Lenses for M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams Tank GPS
  • Imaging Optics for Stabilized Binoculars
  • Imaging Optics for Riflescopes
  • IFLOLS Program (Illumination Optics for Aircraft Carrier)
  • Imaging Optics for Bradley Fighting Vehicles
  • ITO/EMI Coatings for Defrost Windows
  • Steering Wedges for JSOW and CNVD Program
  • Lenses for MANTIS, MILES and Land Warrior
  • Eyepiece Optics for Thermal Weapons Sights (TWS)
  • Microvideo lenses for Common Sensor Platform Program
  • Bright Light Filters for Drivers Viewer Program
  • Objectives and eyepieces for Night Vision Goggles (NVG and ENVG)
  • Lens assemblies for SWIR
  • Apsheres and ITO coatings for NLOS-LS, Small Diameter Bomb and Future Force Warrior Programs

EO Military Products

defense scope
  • Singlet, Doublet, and Triplet Lenses
  • Lens Assemblies
  • Precision Windows
  • Precision Prisms
  • Wedge Prisms
  • First Surface Mirrors
  • Opto-Mechanical Assemblies
  • Crystalline Optics
  • Coating of both Customer Supplied Material and EO Custom Optical Components

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We Design. We Manufacture. We Deliver. – Spherical optics, aspheric lenses, prisms, imaging lenses, imaging and laser optics assemblies, and mechanics are just a few of our expertise.

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